Cancellation Policy & Processes

The core consulting program at Shift Your Paradigm is backed by a 60 calendar day money-back guarantee. Within 60 calendar days of your signup date, you are eligible for a full refund less four percent (4%) for processing fees if you decide against working with Shift Your Paradigm or find that you do not meet the requirements. Contact us by phone at 205.702.1417, send an email to your current Shift Your Paradigm representative or to us at formally requesting your refund. After we receive your request, a member of our management team will get in touch with you to begin processing it within one to two business days. A brief cancellation document, which we will email to you at the email address provided, will need to be completed and signed before the cancellation is finalized. Your refund will be processed once this form has been submitted.

When a client receives service—whether in the form of credit earned or by utilizing complimentary services—services are deemed to have been rendered, and the client is not entitled to a refund. Clients can re-enroll at a later time.

Since there is no minimum amount guaranteed for business funding during the first 60-day refund period, no refund will be issued. If a client receives credit within their first 60 days or after, they will continue in the program. Because different credit profiles result in different amounts, there will be variations between clients. Clients cannot simply use the service for a trial period and then decide to stop because the amount they received fell short of their expectations. To ensure the best results possible, Shift Your Paradigm consults with every client in-depth before moving forward with applications. When deciding whether to proceed with applications, we ask that you heed the credit advice of your representative.

Cancellation of membership in the Shift Your Paradigm and/or Premium Coaching Program is possible at any time.
To cancel your subscription, just log in. A month's charge must be paid in order to be eligible for a refund. Please note all refunds are less the four percent (4%) for processing fee.

Shift Your Paradigm is dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction and promises a successful outcome. We pledge to have the utmost respect for our customers and to go above and beyond to allay any worries they may have.

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